The Billabong Pub

Welcome to the Billabong Pub” open all Festival Long. You little Beauty!!!! 

The PUB is an Aussie and Kiwi tradition and definitely not to be overlooked at the Down Under Fest.  

The Billabong Pub  honors the age old tradition of being the place to go and knock the froth off a couple of coldies,   listen to Gazza (Gary) and Davo (David) yak about the footy, and generally just let your hair down.  Feel free to act like a larrikin!!   While you’re there, ‘ave a go at winning one of the Pub raffles!

Activities include:  Gasbagging, darts, Aussies vs Kiwis Corn Hole, and whatever other Shenanigans we come up with!

No cash or credit cards will be taken at the Pub – only Tokens – which can be purchased at various locations around the Festival.   Must have a valid ID to enter Pub area.

                                    NO ONE UNDER 21 ALLOWED IN THE PUB!