Static Displays

All Festival Long

In an attempt to educate the masses about Australia and New Zealand, static displays depicting ecological issues (feral animals, Earthquakes, glaciers), wacky inventions that changed the world, “new” dinosaurs and military history are scattered throughout the festival.  Did you know that Granny Smith apples were created in Australia?  Or that the referee’s whistle was invented because Kiwi, William Atack was tired of yelling at the kids to stop running (1884)?

The first 500 children through the gate can pick up a “PASSPORT” from the Souvenir Stand and obtain “STAMPS” at each of the displays in order to receive a reward at the end of the day.

You will be amazed at the number of inventions that have come from both countries that most people never think of, yet use them regularly.

Be sure to enter the raffle for the Hills Hoist Clothesline (known as a Breeze Dryer in the USA!)

Breeze Dryer