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Atlanta Kookaburras LogoIt’s official. The USAFL is coming to Down Under Fest 2012!!

After meeting with the coaches at the 2011 National Competition, the excitement level was high and the games are set to begin on Saturday, May 26, 2012.

So, get your footy boots on!

The Atlanta Kookaburras is the host of the weekend and we know that with their organizational skills, this is going to be HUGE! Check out the Kookas on www.Youtube.com

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What is the Down Under Fest?

Down Under Fest is the result of two years work by a team of individuals who love Australia and New Zealand and want to bring some of their spirit to America. With a diverse market place, food, musical talents, activities for the kids and a special made Down Under Fest Ale – courtesy of our friends at Atlanta based Red Brick Brewery – this promises to be a weekend of fun for everyone. Ma, Pa, Dad and Mable will be glad to see you, mate!

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