“Not Quite the Olympic Games”

You’ve seen the Olympics on TV. You’ve cheered the winners and cried for the losers. Well, you may not see The Down Under Fest “Not Quite the Olympic Games” on TV, but you will cheer on those brave enough to “give it a go.”

It takes a special person to attempt these sports.  Events include the ever popular “Launch the Cane Toad,” a “Cooee Contest,” “Fling-the-Thong” (FYI…THONG in Australia and New Zealand is a flip-flop – not unmentionable undergarments), and the fast paced “Toss -the-Tinnie.”

The names sound peculiar? Just wait until you see the actual events…and the“Athletes.”

Fling the thong

How much Veggie can you eat?

Tinnie Throw