Aussie/Kiwi Slang

Ever listened to a couple of Australians or New Zealanders natter on and had to clue what they were yakking on about?  The list below should help to clarify a bit.  If you have suggestions to add to the list, please send them to us.  Our Down Under Fest t-shirts have a more “ADULT” list printed on the back.   These are Billy Lid friendly…for the most part.


Aggro = person who is upset or aggravated

Battler = a hard worker

Billy = can with handles that is used for cooking over an open campfire

Billy Lids = children

Blimey = exclamation of surprise

Bloke = man

Bonza = something that is great or excellent

Boy Racer = young man with a fast car and loud stereo

Budgie Smugglers = men’s Speedo type swimsuit

Bum Nuts = eggs

Bush Oyster = nasal mucus projected from the nostril by closing the other nostril and blowing forcefully

Chinwag = a friendly discussion or chat

Chook  = chicken

Cockie = farmer (AUS)

Cow Cockie = cowboy

Cowspanker = farmer (NZ)

Crikey = exclamation of surprise

Crook = sick or not feeling well

Daggy = untidy

Digger = soldier

Dinkie-Di = the real thing

Doodah = the thing with the forgotten name (similar to Thingamajig)

Drongo = stupid person

Dunny = outside toilet (also called a Long Drop)

Fair Dinkum = the real thing

G’Day = hello

Galah = a noisy, foolish person

Gasbag = talk  excessively (can be a noun and a verb)

Grog – alcohol…example:  ”Didyabringyagrogalong?”

Grouse = something great or outstanding

Have a go = give it a try

Have a slash = to urinate

Hit the Turps = to consume alcoholic beverages

Hoon = a person who shows off

Hoo Roo = goodbye

Kip = a short sleep (nap)

Liquid Amber = beer

Mozzie = mosquito

Mug = something to pour beer into; someone’s face or an idiot

Narkie = short or bad tempered

Not the Full Quid = not very intelligent

Ocker = Aussie

Piker = person who doesn’t conform

Pinch = to steal

Plonk  = cheap grog

Ratbag = scallywag

Ridgy Didge = real thing

Ripper = a great thing

Shark’s Biscuit = a person new to surfing

Sheila = female

Shonky = not to be trusted

Shout = person’s turn to buy – usually a round of drinks

Sickie = a sick day off work

Smoko = coffee break

STREWTH = expression of shock or surprise

Stroppy = in a bad mood

Swag = waterproof bag that contains bed gear

Tee Up = organise

Thongs = flip flops

Tinnie = a can of beer or a small aluminum boat

True Blue = 100% Aussie

Tucker = food

Wally = person who keeps making mistakes

Wanker = stupid person who thinks he has / knows it all

Wowser = overly prudish person

Yakka = hard work

Yobbo = untidy / loud person (slob)


Check out this video on the everyday use of Aussie slang…